The 26-year old company is headed by its 26-year old CEO

09 Sep 2022

The 26-year old company is headed by its 26-year old CEO

Based on the vision of Rasheed Ali Pulikkal in 1996, Breeze Holdings started in the cargo industry with Seabreeze Cargo and Couriers in 1996 and has, over the years been pioneering the industry in the GCC and India, covering both domestic and international services. Over the course of more than two decades in the business and having delivered more than 12 million packages, across more than 75 countries, spanning over 100 delivery outlets and through more than 3,000 live shipping, it’s safe to say that the company means it when it says that that is ‘breezes’ through every package within given timeframe, every single time. The strong point of the company is that during its 26 years of tradition, it has been providing five-star customer satisfaction through its 450-member team across its 50 offices worldwide.

The company is headquartered in Dubai with its group branch and representative offices in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines, and India. In addition to this, the company also has agents across the globe who assist the company to deliver cargo speedily via its professional network.

The 26-year old company is headed by its 26-year old CEO, Rasheel Pulikkal , a dynamic and forward-looking entrepreneur, who has more than five years’ worth of experience in the sector. Having grown up with the company, he is intimately aware of everything and has very clear ideas of which direction the company needs to go as it expands into the future.

Rasheel says that the company was his first foray into the business world. "At the age of 19, when I was doing my bachelors in Bengaluru, I started my career at Breeze Suites. Then I moved to Dubai, where I took a year off and worked in the business before doing my masters," he added. Rasheel said that he managed to balance both his business career and education by finding time to do both. The decision paid off as under his leadership, the company became more streamlined and agile. Rasheel credits his decision to go paperless as the crucial factor behind the change in the company's outlook.

"Another change that I brought was that previously, there used to be a limitation and you could only send cargo that was above 15kg. So, a lot of requests were being turned down, I changed the rule and now anything above 2kg we accept," said Rasheel .

Speaking about the ethos of Seabreeze, Rasheel said: “It's our customer service that we pride ourselves on. Our customers have enough to stress over without the additional pressure of, shipments not arriving, managing administration and explaining why things are late. You will get personalised service at every level with Seabreeze because we are truly independent, make our own decisions and specialise in our home market.”

While the major area of business is cargo and courier service, Breeze Holdings is looking to diversify and expand its products. As a result, over the years, the company also has business in the following industries; hospitality, FMCG wholesale, mobile trading, real-estate, along with businesses in the UAE, India, KSA, and the Philippines.

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