A Notable Milestone: Rasheed Ali Pulikkal and family received UAE Golden Visa

13 Apr 2022

A Notable Milestone: Rasheed Ali Pulikkal and family received UAE Golden Visa

Owning a Golden visa in the UAE is an absolute game-changer for Breeze Holdings. Recently, the Chairman Mr. Rasheed Ali Pulikkal and family received UAE Golden Visa further proving that the company is all geared to shine even higher in the world of business. As you know the Golden Visa is a revolutionary government implementation taken with a vision to help fruitful investments grow and sustain in the UAE. With a positive mindset, only a few personalities like researchers, actors, humanitarian individuals, and entrepreneurs are eligible for the visa.

Since Rasheed Ali Pullikal has been in business since 1996 and helped to make Breeze Holdings a credible name on the global front - this visa has indeed been awarded to the right person. The entire company has been moving under the direction of his visionary father. Now, the sons have taken over only to level up the quality of service.  Today this company is noted to have started various businesses that focus on logistics, real estate,  couriers, wholesale FMCG products, software, and smartphone business, hospitality business, and much more. They have expanded to the Philippines, European countries, India, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. They are known for their customer service, trustworthy communication, and mindset to think differently. The company's contribution to society is immense and has been providing a lot of employment opportunities to many people. Apart from this, the group always makes sure to be part of good social service initiatives that actually can make a positive difference in the lives of the downtrodden. The Chairman is known to help people in the most justified manner and that is why they hold a name of credibility today.  


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