Mr. Rasheel, MD of Breeze Holdings wins Young Business Personality Award

02 May 2019

Mr. Rasheel, MD of Breeze Holdings wins Young Business Personality Award

To work hard is one aspect of business and to be noticed and awarded for the hard work takes the efforts to the next level of happiness. At the recent event named the K. M. C. Si's Young Business Personality Award, Breeze Holdings Managing Director Rasheel Pulikkal Dubai received this prestigious award. He has accepted his award from the notable  Sri. V. D. Satheeshan M. L. A, who is part of the Indian opposition party in Kerala. This is one of the wonderful laurels that the MD has received at a young age. Of course, he is grateful for the guidance and nurturing passed on to him by his father and his brother. This has been his light and confidence to think of possibilities when challenges come in business. 
He is known to be a positive changemaker in this company, as he has brought in a lot of impact in the way that the business has used opportunities.  For instance, Seabreeze Cargo is one of the first ventures that Breeze Holdings started and is a successful name today. With minimal logistics, and a small team they started one step at a time, sending gifts and goods across the globe in the most systematic and cost effective manner. Over two decades the company has been noted to have undertaken 3000+ live shipping contracts, which means over 12 million parcels that were spread across 75 countries worldwide. The best part is that Sea Breeze managed all this diligently within 100 delivery outlets. 

Sea Breeze Cargo was a solace point for expatriates who wanted to send goods to their loved ones. Seabreeze Cargo has officially launched in Saudi Arabia in the year 1997. Today, it has spread its branches in the Philippines, India, U. A. E, Saudi Arabia, and other various G. C. C. countries in a short period. This was because this young entrepreneur could envision how to bridge the gap between the need and also the real service. Today, this has grown from one to over 50 offices on the global front. They have over 600 employees managing the logistics and we can witness great teamwork here. This is what makes Breeze Holdings scale up beyond words.

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