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Breeze Holdings: Delivering Utility, Commitment, and Quality

At Breeze Holdings, Actions speak louder than words. We love what we do, and we work on every project with immense conviction. Regardless of what the need is, we as a group have always believed in adding value to the lives of people. Whether you are a client, a business associate, or a new entrepreneur with innovative ideas, if we find that you need our service, we love to pitch in and work alongside you.

Over the years, we have never spent time announcing our big moments regularly, rather we feel our service and commitment to give the best of services speak a lot. Explore our investments to know us better.

Where do we Invest?

We believe in being versatile, multi-faceted, and highly functional. This is why we have been able to build a long lasting client base and reputable position around the world. We have redefined the real meaning of Businesses that touch lives for over two decades and this successful journey will continue.


Location: DIP, UAE | Valuation: 22,000 sq feet

Warsan Plaza

Location: warzan, UAE | Valuation: 12,000 sq feet

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A small talk with our experts means you are invited to an enormous window of business opportunities. Come grow with us.