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Pioneered to excel and make a solid footprint that brings an impressive wave of growth for all the industries connected with us.

Where Ideas Turn Awesome with Committed Strategies

Headquartered in Dubai, and successfully branched out in various other countries, Breeze Holdings has made sure that people from every continent can use the service worldwide. Predominantly, we work in India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Philippines, and many smaller areas too.

Today, Breeze Holdings is an umbrella to our 12 Business Verticals that dominate the GCC markets in logistics, transport, real estate, Couriers, wholesale FMCG trading, smartphones, technological gadgets, custom-made transport, warehousing, and building space rental services. Our widespread business structure assures 24/7 service, support, and guidance to all our esteemed clients.

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To build a Solid Entrepreneurial Footprint in every Business Niche

Setting new milestones, paving dreams into reality, and powering up entrepreneurs with top-notch infrastructures, technology, and planning, have been the fire behind each of the company’s goals. Pleased to have you see through our growing business empire that showcases essential services, and is delivered with quality, integrity, and dedication. Being the Founder has given me and the entire company to make way for a lot of CSR initiatives that will help restructure the environment for the better and also improve the lifestyle of people who trust us. We, as a professional entity aim to be the best logistics company, daily essentials distribution, and real estate and I am confident that our successful venture trail will expand to touch every horizon possible soon.

Rasheed Ali Pulikkal
Founder & Chairman, Breeze Holdings
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