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Please note that these Terms apply, regardless of how the  Site information and its various forms of content reach you.

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Please note that we may change these Terms from time to time without notice so you should review them each time that you visit the Site.

Apart from the Terms mentioned on this page, our Sister Concerns will contain additional or varied terms and conditions as per the business requirements. You need to take care of that in case you need to use our other websites. In such a situation, you will have to read and agree to those terms also as they form a crucial segment of the working law of that particular business.  

1 About us

This Site is operated by Breeze Holdings Limited registered as a company in UAE, with registered offices in India, and UAE. Our registered office address can clearly be seen on our Contact us Page. 

2 Contact us Option

In the situation that you find that the website or any of our sister concern websites have been misused, please contact us via our email id or phone number. If you have suggestions for improvements, complaints, or business expansion sources, you can directly contact us.  To know more about our contact, click on the Contact Us Page and get the details. 

3 Using the Breeze Holdings Site

3.1 Access to the Site is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service we provide on the Site or part of the Site without notice. We will not be liable or responsible if for any reason the Site is unavailable at any time or for any period.

3.2 The information and materials on the Site are not intended to be taken as the final advice on which reliance or decisions should be taken up from your side. As such, we disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such information and materials by any visitor to the Site, or by any person who may be informed of any of its content.

3.3 You may view (and, where applicable, listen to) the content and applications available on the Site for your own private non-commercial use. You must not use or allow others to access or use, all or any part of our Site or the contents and/or applications on it for commercial purposes without our permission. Use of all or any part of our Site or the contents and/or applications on it for commercial purposes shall be subject to separate terms and conditions and may be subject to a fee.

3.4 From time to time we may restrict access to some parts of the Site, or the entire Site, to users. This will be for update purposes or other technical reasons. Users must not otherwise alter, adapt or reverse engineer any part of the Site.

3.5 Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, you must not (whether directly or indirectly):

3.5.1 distribute, transmit, syndicate, sell or offer to sell or otherwise make available all or any part of the Site or any content, files, feeds, or data from the Site, whether publically available or not; or

3.5.2 copy, download, or store any content, files, feeds, or data from the Site, whether publically available or not, to make or populate a database or publication of any kind whatsoever. This should bring on doubt or fear in anyone’s mind, so refrain from such acts. 

3.6 If you would like to “share” a story, an application, or other content from our Site with somebody, please use the social media platforms to share and spread the word about our services and our CSR activities. 

3.7 Users should be aware that content and resources may be removed from the Site with or without notice at any time and we accept no responsibility or liability for any reliance by the user on the continued availability of any content or resources on the Site.

3.8 Users, whether or not registered, must not abuse our ‘Report this Comment facility (or such other similar feature) (such as, without limitation, by making malicious reports). Each of our content is published with a lot of thought and we are open to your suggestions. That means you are free to personally contact us and alert us on hidden issues whatsoever

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