Our Blessed Moments of Service with the support of Rahul Gandhi

A Home means the Beginning of a Stable Life

In 2019, we have had the opportunity to serve a family in Malappuram. We all know the disaster and pain families have without a house, and the matter gets, even more, worse when such assets have been destroyed by natural calamities. This was one area in which we always wanted to help society. We were very particular that if we help, the family should find it useful. Our service has always been thought in a manner, that people can get back into normal lives, smile, and gain the strength to survive in life. If it takes money and mental support we are ready to be with them.

Auspicious Milestone Executed under the guidance of Rahul Gandhi

During a public function when Rahul Gandhi visited his people in Malappuram, there were many people crying in their distress and wanted solutions for that. It was during that time, that Rahulji promised an elderly lady Khadija - a safe and secure place to live in, She needed a house and that needed a solution. Though there were many builders in society, it was only through the Kondodi Municipal Congress, Youth Congress Committee, and OICC groups that this dream was made possible.

We and our entire team at Breeze Holdings made sure to make this dream come true. Under the leadership and guidance of the MD of Breeze Holdings, Rashidali Pulikal, the fund was transferred and all the needed registration process was conducted dutifully. The project has started, been completed, and delivered on time to Khadija. All this was done at a grand ceremony at Mampad, Malappuram when Rahul Gandhi visited Kerala again. We had the pleasure of meeting him and also serving this humble mother in the best way possible. We think that if we can, we should help people.

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Bringing Solace to flood-ruined homes of our beloved expatriate homes in Kerala

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