Bringing Solace to flood-ruined homes of our beloved expatriate homes in Kerala

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It is a known fact that during the 2018 floods, there were numerous homes that got destroyed by dust. This broke down families, and people suffered a lot in the process. We were disheartened to see our fellow Indians suffer helplessly. When we learned that many of our expatriates were in total anguish as their families were living in these situations, we knew we could help. Since we are one of the top courier companies who are able to fetch, transport, and stock goods across the world, we knew we could do our part of service to help the people with destroyed homes. We wanted to get those basic essentials in life so that they could move on from this tragedy.

We contacted many expatriates and with the dual support of Cannes and the Kotak guidance and support, we pitched the funds to Minister Dr. K.T.Jaleel so that the right steps could be taken at the earliest. This CSR activity involved a lot of people and some of the philanthropists who ensured that our services would go to the right hands, we can not stop thanking them. We donated to the Chief Minister’s Relief fund with one day’s wages for all the Sea breeze staff. Under the witness of District Collector Amit Meena IAS and many other staff, we made this a happy moment for many expatriates.

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Our Blessed Moments of Service with the support of Rahul Gandhi

In 2019, we have had the opportunity to serve a family in Malappuram. We all know the disaster and pain families have without a house, and the matter gets, even more, worse when such assets have been destroyed by natural calamities. This was one area in which we always wanted to help society. We were very particular that if we help, the family should find it useful. Our service has always been thought in a manner, that people can get back into normal lives, smile, and gain the strength to survive in life. If it takes money and mental support we are ready to be with them.

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