Wholesale /General FMCG Trading

Our FMCG trading wing of business is highly diversified as we cater to retailers, supermarkets, companies, catering companies, and many more customer segments. So, if large-scale shopping with huge budget places looks favorable, our team can help you.

Wholesale /General FMCG Trading

At Breeze Holdings, every FMCG retailer can find the stocks to replenish their Dubai stores at any time of the year. Our company has built an ecosystem of transport, storage, and logistics of products that are meant for any type of industry. Our companies include Breeze General Trading LLC, Kosko Mobiles Trading LLC, FAJR Trading EST, BREENS International Trading LLP, and AQSA Wholesale Point LLC. Being one of the leading Distributors for quality FMCG products like cosmetics, stationery, toiletries, cleaning equipment, food products, packaging, and storage equipment, industrial and manufacturing equipment, electronic and electrical supplies to contractors, etc; we are a one-stop point for any business in the UAE.


Years of expertise in sourcing, and selling the best quality wholesale FMCG products across the GCC industry continually.


Product Diversification and Customer Satisfaction is what Breeze Holdings has always focussed upon in this segment of business. We are the top rate stockists for any FMCG products that retailers and industries need today.

Unfolding Quality Trading

We have brought forward a strategic FMCG distribution service whereby we make sure to supply every possible product that our clients all over the GCC countries need today.

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