Mining & Crushers

Our companies specialize in mining and crushers, dedicated to excellence in mineral extraction and processing. With cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce, we provide high-quality aggregates for construction projects. Trust our companies for dependable supply and sustainable solutions

Mining & Crushers

Our mining and crushers division excels in mineral extraction and processing, supplying high-quality aggregates for global construction projects. Collaborating with industry leaders, Breeze Holdings establishes ventures in the Mining & Crushers sector, such as Breeze Granites, Breeze Tech Metal and Sands, Kabani Stone Crusher, and Breeze Metal and Sand – Wayanad Mananthavady. These partnerships ensure superior products and services, meeting diverse project needs with precision. Breeze Granites offers premium granite solutions for residential and commercial spaces in South India. Breeze Tech Metal and Sands provide top-quality metal and sand products, while Breeze Metal and Sand specialize in superior construction materials in Wayanad and Malappuram. Trust us for excellence in every aspect of mining and crushers.


Years of expertise in sourcing and selling top-quality mining and crusher products, ensuring excellence in the industry


Product diversification and customer satisfaction have always been the focal points for Breeze Holdings in the mining and crushers segment. We are the top-rated suppliers for all mining and crusher products that industries require today.

Unveiling Excellence in Mining and Crushers

Unveiling excellence in mining and crushers, we deliver top-tier products and services with a commitment to quality and reliability.

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